Ready to begin on your path of unlearning?

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Checked out the INTRO? Got a clue how Rethink Speech works? Then let us guide you to the start of your rethinking journey!

Here’s where you can begin uncovering your hidden or not-to-hidden beliefs about speech, and decide for yourself which are true and which are false.

You can start with either practical modules or conceptual modules (links below). Or mix them up. They all lead to the same place.

Important reminder

As we have emphasised before and will emphasise again, even the practical modules are only helping you with unlearning. Please don’t take them as ‘tips and tricks’ in how to undertake the practical tasks, or leap to premature conclusions about what they mean for theories of speech.

The aim of all the unlearning modules is to give you healthy scepticism for things that seem ‘self-evidently obvious’ about speech – not to make you confident you have all the answers.

Another reminder

The demonstrations in the modules look like fun (and they are) – but they are carefully structured to deliver a sequence of experiences and questions that take a bit of thinking through. Plan to do each module when you can devote at least 15 minutes a day for 10 days. No idea what that means? Check out the INTRO! Need more info on how it all works? Check out INFO.

Good luck! Keep in touch!

Modules by course

Conceptual Courses

Rethink Speech 101: Unlearning

Rethink Words 101: Unlearning

Practical Courses

Rethink forensic phonetics 101: Unlearning

Rethink speaking and listening 101: Unlearning

Want an overview of all the individual modules? Click here!