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Hey! Great you are interested in joining Rethink Speech

Keen to get started on a particular module? Click here to get instant access (but do come back here soon for important info!).

Once you’ve got the basics of how the site works, you’ll want to read this page to to make best use of your free membership.

How to be sure you want to join?

You are welcome to explore the open content linked from the top menu – as well as get an overview of all the unlearning modules and tantalising previews of their topics. You should also read Is Rethink Speech a good fit for me?.

When you are ready to get full access to the unlearning modules (all free) you will need to sign up for individual modules. Read on for details.

How to access free unlearning modules

The sign-up page lets you sign up for 10 days free access to each module. Only your name and email are required for free membership.

Ten days is enough to easily cover all the content of any module at the recommended rate of 1-2 topics per day – but feel free do them in one big binge if you prefer, or whatever pace suits you.

Important notes

  1. The first module you sign up for makes you a Rethink Speech member and gives you ten days free access to that module (only that module).
  2. You can then sign up (subscribe) to other modules individually to add access to those modules to your membership. 
  3. Members can find out what modules they have subscribed to from their Account page (red button at top right of any page when you are logged in).
  4. Your ten-day free membership for each module starts from the day you join that module. So if you sign up to all the modules at once, your free membership to all of them will expire after ten days. On the other hand, if you sign up sequentially, you can string your free membership out for months!
  5. Confused? It makes sense once you get used to it (and you get an email with full details when you sign up), but never hesitate to Contact Rethink Speech if you have problems!

Still got questions?

Try the FAQ – if you don’t find what you need to know, give us a yell!