How Rethink Speech works

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Rethink Speech offers a range of (free) modules designed to help you rethink some of our society’s false beliefs about the nature of speech and how it works.

Fair enough – but what are modules??

Rethink Speech modules are structured sequences of 6-10 topics, mostly intriguing multimedia demonstrations that typically take about 15 minutes each to work through.

The modules are designed to help you gain insight into the (often surprising) nature of speech, and to think through the implications of your observations.

In a few cases, several modules are grouped together into a course. But they’re not courses in the usual sense. There’s no facts and figures, and definitely no tests. It is all about conceptual and experiential learning. You can get a feel for Rethink Speech modules by working through EXPERIENCES (an open module).

What exactly do I get for free?

All the unlearning on Rethink Speech is free, but not all is open-access.

There are open modules and unlearning modules. Both kinds are free, but unlearning modules require you to sign up as a member (using only your name and email address).

You can explore the open modules from the top menu, and get previews of the unlearning modules from the unlearning menu.

Signing up for free access to an unlearning module makes you a Rethink Speech member and gives you ten days of unlimited access to that module. You can then add more modules to your membership – concurrently, sequentially or at intervals. (For more on why we do Rethink Speech this way, and how to make it work for you – check Frequently asked Questions, under the INFO tab, when you get to UNLEARNING.)

Ten days is easily enough time for anyone to cover all the material in a module. Even at 15 minutes a day, you will have spare days for rest or review.

But if you’re worried you won’t finish the modules in time, you might find it a good idea to spend time on the open material (top menu) before signing up, so you don’t waste your free member days checking out material that is open anyway.

No pressure!

When you have done the unlearning modules, you may be offered opportunities to do additional learning. Some of that might involve a fee, but rest assured there will be no hard selling at Rethink Speech!

Our main goal is to get the information in the unlearning modules to as many people as possible, so they will always be free for ten days each.

Got more questions?

Check the INFO tab when you get to UNLEARNING.