Why rethink speech?

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Phonetic science has made many important discoveries about the nature of speech and how it works.

The thing is, hardly anyone knows about them. Which is interesting — it’s not like scientists have been trying to keep them secret!

So here’s an important but often overlooked question:

Why do so few know the findings of phonetic science?

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How to rethink speech

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Rethink speech aims to help you rethink our society’s harmful false beliefs about speech by fast-tracking you to advanced findings of phonetic science.

That’s quite a challenge — for all concerned!

How are we going to achieve it?

Well, not by telling you lots of new facts about speech: that’s the slow lane.

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Who needs to rethink speech?

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What makes us sad at Rethink Speech is when the people who most need to rethink speech walk away from it, thinking it is a course for phonetics students – which is not right at all.

Rethink Speech is designed for some very specific kinds of people

Read on to see what kind – you might be surprised to discover you are one of them!

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Will you like Rethink Speech?

Will Rethink Speech fit you like Cinderella’s slipper? (Image from Wikipedia)

Rethink Speech aims to help you replace our society’s harmful false beliefs about speech with reliable knowledge.

Sounds like a noble calling – but is it something *I* want to spend my time on?

Maybe this page will help you decide if Rethink Speech is a good fit for you.

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How Rethink Speech works

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Rethink Speech offers a range of (free) modules designed to help you rethink some of our society’s false beliefs about the nature of speech and how it works.

Fair enough – but what are modules??

Rethink Speech modules are structured sequences of 6-10 topics, mostly intriguing multimedia demonstrations that typically take about 15 minutes each to work through.

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What does it mean to ‘rethink’ something?


Rethink Speech aims to help our society to rethink its ‘common knowledge’ about speech.

But what exactly does that mean?

‘Rethinking’ is quite a popular concept these day, and you undoubtedly have a good understanding of it. But let’s run through a few key ideas about rethinking in general that are worth keeping in focus, before looking at what is involved in rethinking speech.

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