Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need a background in phonetics?

You definitely do not need any background in phonetics. However if you do have a background in phonetics, Rethink Speech will still be interesting and useful to you. Rethink Speech presents information that is well known within phonetic science, but is usually reserved for advanced levels of study – and it does so in a novel way that highlights implications not always fully developed even at advanced levels. 

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Impatient to get started?

It’s safe to sign up for your first module right away – clicking a green button below just collects your email address and gives you 10 days free access to that particular module.

However, to make best use of your free options, you should know How the site works, understand what’s involved in Joining us and be familiar with other info under INFO – all before signing up for your second module :-).

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Got feedback?


Rethink Speech is new. We’d love to know what you think! Plus we need your feedback to improve the site. Drop us a quick line saying what you liked or didn’t like – and do please mention if you noticed a typo, if something wasn’t working, if some of the navigation got confusing – anything at all, large or small.

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Been denied access to a page?

Please note that accessing some pages requires three stages

  1. You have to be a member in order to log in (more info at 1 below).
  2. You have to be logged in to access members-only material (more info at 2 below).
  3. You have to be signed up to individual modules to see particular pages (more info at 3 below).
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